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Our Story

Keeping Up With The Baby is the brainchild of new parents Aditi and Ankit, who consider themselves to be partners and collaborators in every single adventure life has to offer. We started out as best friends and continued our journey as partners in marriage, then parenthood and now business! 

Growing up, our parents made it a point to treasure every single memory – from first milestones to birthdays. The importance of which we are realising now as we parent our own child. We wanted to create something that would make the entire process feel magical and truly beautiful, via products that effortlessly stand the test of time.

Our daughter Ahimsaa is our light, our muse and the reason Keeping Up With The Baby exists. This business is like our love letter to our daughter.

We hope our products inspire you to start filling up your own record books. It’s never too late to start writing/memory-keeping… one day you’ll be so happy you wrote it all down now and did something with your favourite photos that otherwise, might be forgotten or lost to an old phone or laptop! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and for supporting us – we’re so grateful for every order.


Creative Mama, Founder & The Heart Behind the Brand


Doting Dad, Excel Lover, Sounding Board & The Calm Head


The Real Boss, Book Lover & Our Reason to Smile

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